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NWL Ep 8: Over CtrlGroup

On the card for this episode of Saturday night Iconoclash: Ranger Chris Chaney calls someone out, Gerry gets an opportunity, Greyson takes on his second trial. The main event: Malibu Ned Scrapple heads to Margaritaville. — Thanks to our testers: Adam, Dennis, Kishan, Logan, and Tony. All sounds are provided by Zapsplat.com or the YouTube sound archive. Check out World Wide Wrestling by Nathan D. Paoletta.
  1. NWL Ep 8: Over
  2. NWL Ep 7: Tag Team
  3. NWL Ep 6: The Wet & Wild Regal Wrangle
  4. NWL Ep 5: Go Home Show
  5. NWL Ep 4: Heel Turn
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