Want to test systems with us?

Well, stop sitting there and Start Playing! We’ve teamed up with Startplaying.games to bring you closer to CtrlGroup. Sign up with the following link and get 10 dollars towards a game you can play with well-reviewed and vetted GM’s just like Dennis who creates our worlds for us! When you spend that 10 dollars, weContinue reading “Want to test systems with us?”

1K Give-Away and Patreon Update!

Hello Variables (it won the poll again, you are Variables forever and always), If you don’t follow us on Twitter, the month of March may be the time! We’ve just reached ONE THOUSAND followers and we’re so over joyed to have reached this tremendous goal that we’re doing a give away. The rules are onContinue reading “1K Give-Away and Patreon Update!”

Sneak Peak at what’s next!

What’s up Variables?! We’re looking into the future of what’s next for CtrlGroup Podcast. As of writing this post we are finishing up our Journalism Thriller/Satire: Ronald Reagan and the October Surprise. This exciting and bit filled mini-campaign will be lifted off podcasting services and become Patreon exclusive on February 20th. We’ll do a bigContinue reading “Sneak Peak at what’s next!”