2nd Year Anniversary!

It’s our 2nd birthday here on the Podcast and we would love to celebrate with you! We have brand new CtrlGroup branded dice to give away and money to donate to good causes.

For a chance to enter our dice giveaway you have to follow us on twitter! There we have our pinned tweet. Once you like and retweet that tweet you have a chance to win a pair of d6 CtrlGroup v2.0 dice! Give away is for the contiguous North America this year! (Postage across the world has been crazy since the pandemic, sorry).

You can also support us by becoming a patron! We have dedicated the month of April and May to help queer youths. So all of our funds made from Patreon will be donated to Mermaids. A charity dedicated to helping out those who are queer and not old enough to take care of themselves.

As always, we want to thank you for listening! We wouldn’t be able to do this without you. We’ll keep testing systems (so you don’t have to), if you keep listening. I’ll probably update the site on our next birthday. 😉

Published by Ctrl Group RPG Podcast

We test TTRPG systems so you dont have to!

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