1K Give-Away and Patreon Update!

Hello Variables (it won the poll again, you are Variables forever and always),

If you don’t follow us on Twitter, the month of March may be the time! We’ve just reached ONE THOUSAND followers and we’re so over joyed to have reached this tremendous goal that we’re doing a give away. The rules are on our Twitter. There’s a tweet that has a video of Dennis and you just need to follow us and like the tweet to be entered into a drawing to win 1 of 5 sets of custom CtrlGroup branded dice! The give-away ends March 31st!

There’s also another give-away on our Patreon. If you join our Patreon now until March 31st, you’ll immediately unlock a special episode where Dennis leads YOU (and no one else I promise) through a playtest of a system! Also, one lucky Patreon will win a D6 Dice Ring, so you can roll in style where ever you go!

Our final Patreon update is that we’ve switched around our 5 dollar tier. As we’ve grown as a podcast and made connections in the Indie Dev scene we’ve received a lot of systems to test! It’s honestly a bit overwhelming. We love all the systems we’ve been show, but we have a stupid extensive backlog and are essentially already planned our year of games. These systems seriously do rock and deserve attention immediately. So, if you’ve got a system you’d like us to test, head over to Patreon and join at our 5 dollar tier. This guarantees your system (or just a system you really like) one of our review episodes. This way you’re not waiting for us to finish a current campaign/waiting for us to think of a campaign for the system. We’ll take the time to look at the system and see what works for us. Even possibly hypothesize what possible campaigns we’d use this for. We want to make sure that these awesome systems see the light of day regardless of our dummy thicc backlog. So, join today and let us look at your system!

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We test TTRPG systems so you dont have to!

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