Sneak Peak at what’s next!

What’s up Variables?! We’re looking into the future of what’s next for CtrlGroup Podcast. As of writing this post we are finishing up our Journalism Thriller/Satire: Ronald Reagan and the October Surprise. This exciting and bit filled mini-campaign will be lifted off podcasting services and become Patreon exclusive on February 20th. We’ll do a big ol’ bit on social media about it soon, but for now, catch up with this series before the “government makes us take it down.”

Next up is our mini-campaign of Fellowship 2nd Edition by Jacob Randolph. Come follow us in our attempt at doing what every other D&D podcast has been doing, High Fantasy. Join new Testers: Adam, Kishan, and Jessie along with veteran testers Logan and Dennis in this high stakes, high humor meta-commentary on Dungeons and Dragons as a whole.

As always we love to keep up with our network and fans. Follow other podcasts on the BeGayRollDice network. These wonderfully queer pods fall directly in line with our mission statement here at CtrlGroup: giving a voice to those we don’t usually see around those “bigger tables.” Fans: coming up in the near future we’ll be opening up our discord so you can meet and joke around the cast and show off your skills with the ability to become a guest Variable on one of our One-shots.

In the meantime please, feel free to show us your support! If you’re not already, follow us on twitter @CtrlPod. Become a Patron on our Patreon (link on this website.) Tell your friends about us. Leave us reviews on apple podcasts. Email us (contact info available on this website.) Hell just text any one you know in the podcast and just tell them they look cute today. Because odds are, they probably do.

Go to sleep, Variables.

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We test TTRPG systems so you dont have to!

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