Want to test systems with us?

Well, stop sitting there and Start Playing!

We’ve teamed up with Startplaying.games to bring you closer to CtrlGroup. Sign up with the following link and get 10 dollars towards a game you can play with well-reviewed and vetted GM’s just like Dennis who creates our worlds for us! When you spend that 10 dollars, we get money! Help us help you, stop listening and START PLAYING.


2nd Year Anniversary!

It’s our 2nd birthday here on the Podcast and we would love to celebrate with you! We have brand new CtrlGroup branded dice to give away and money to donate to good causes.

For a chance to enter our dice giveaway you have to follow us on twitter! There we have our pinned tweet. Once you like and retweet that tweet you have a chance to win a pair of d6 CtrlGroup v2.0 dice! Give away is for the contiguous North America this year! (Postage across the world has been crazy since the pandemic, sorry).

You can also support us by becoming a patron! We have dedicated the month of April and May to help queer youths. So all of our funds made from Patreon will be donated to Mermaids. A charity dedicated to helping out those who are queer and not old enough to take care of themselves.

As always, we want to thank you for listening! We wouldn’t be able to do this without you. We’ll keep testing systems (so you don’t have to), if you keep listening. I’ll probably update the site on our next birthday. 😉

It’s Been Two Years

The water laps against your feet as you stare off into the distance. The wind chill of Flagstaff air is unbecoming of Arizona, but you welcome it nonetheless. An eerie fog rolls in over the lake. Something comes into your view that for a second you think is a trick of vision. A ball of light hovering over the waves. The Ghost of Lake Mary slowly approaches.

June 5th… We RETURN…

1K Give-Away and Patreon Update!

Hello Variables (it won the poll again, you are Variables forever and always),

If you don’t follow us on Twitter, the month of March may be the time! We’ve just reached ONE THOUSAND followers and we’re so over joyed to have reached this tremendous goal that we’re doing a give away. The rules are on our Twitter. There’s a tweet that has a video of Dennis and you just need to follow us and like the tweet to be entered into a drawing to win 1 of 5 sets of custom CtrlGroup branded dice! The give-away ends March 31st!

There’s also another give-away on our Patreon. If you join our Patreon now until March 31st, you’ll immediately unlock a special episode where Dennis leads YOU (and no one else I promise) through a playtest of a system! Also, one lucky Patreon will win a D6 Dice Ring, so you can roll in style where ever you go!

Our final Patreon update is that we’ve switched around our 5 dollar tier. As we’ve grown as a podcast and made connections in the Indie Dev scene we’ve received a lot of systems to test! It’s honestly a bit overwhelming. We love all the systems we’ve been show, but we have a stupid extensive backlog and are essentially already planned our year of games. These systems seriously do rock and deserve attention immediately. So, if you’ve got a system you’d like us to test, head over to Patreon and join at our 5 dollar tier. This guarantees your system (or just a system you really like) one of our review episodes. This way you’re not waiting for us to finish a current campaign/waiting for us to think of a campaign for the system. We’ll take the time to look at the system and see what works for us. Even possibly hypothesize what possible campaigns we’d use this for. We want to make sure that these awesome systems see the light of day regardless of our dummy thicc backlog. So, join today and let us look at your system!

Sneak Peak at what’s next!

What’s up Variables?! We’re looking into the future of what’s next for CtrlGroup Podcast. As of writing this post we are finishing up our Journalism Thriller/Satire: Ronald Reagan and the October Surprise. This exciting and bit filled mini-campaign will be lifted off podcasting services and become Patreon exclusive on February 20th. We’ll do a big ol’ bit on social media about it soon, but for now, catch up with this series before the “government makes us take it down.”

Next up is our mini-campaign of Fellowship 2nd Edition by Jacob Randolph. Come follow us in our attempt at doing what every other D&D podcast has been doing, High Fantasy. Join new Testers: Adam, Kishan, and Jessie along with veteran testers Logan and Dennis in this high stakes, high humor meta-commentary on Dungeons and Dragons as a whole.

As always we love to keep up with our network and fans. Follow other podcasts on the BeGayRollDice network. These wonderfully queer pods fall directly in line with our mission statement here at CtrlGroup: giving a voice to those we don’t usually see around those “bigger tables.” Fans: coming up in the near future we’ll be opening up our discord so you can meet and joke around the cast and show off your skills with the ability to become a guest Variable on one of our One-shots.

In the meantime please, feel free to show us your support! If you’re not already, follow us on twitter @CtrlPod. Become a Patron on our Patreon (link on this website.) Tell your friends about us. Leave us reviews on apple podcasts. Email us (contact info available on this website.) Hell just text any one you know in the podcast and just tell them they look cute today. Because odds are, they probably do.

Go to sleep, Variables.

Moving on up!

A few announcements for you dedicated Variables! If you haven’t heard we landed ourselves on a network. We are now apart of the Be Gay Roll Dice network, a group of LGBTQIA+ podcasts dedicating to creating a strong network of queer tabletop creators! We are really geeked up about this partnership, so be sure to listen up for promos for shows during our episodes.

Unfortunately Critbits Con has been cancelled, but we’ll still strive to find other ways to promote and uplift the BIPoC and LGBTQIA+ members of our podcast. We also highly suggest going and supporting the Highland Center, the charity the event was dedicated to.